Virtual Phone System

Present a professional, large office image without the capital expense.

Our virtual phone system provides you with all the benefits of an office phone system — such as voice, fax, voicemail, extensions — without the expense of buying hardware systems.

Our virtual phone system can be used for the following:

  • Call answering by our live agent, your own receptionist or an automated receptionist
  • Call forwarding and transferring
  • Announcements or voicemail
  • Multi-party phone conferencing
  • Ad tracking and call analysis (Call Strategies Service)
  • Virtual fax services (fax to email)
  • Reverse 911 or broadcast notification
  • Call recording services
  • Cell phone services

Customized and Reliable Communication Services


Call Forwarding

Avoid accidentally hanging up on a customer!

Call forwarding through our virtual phone system is more reliable than an internal PBX transfer. PBX systems do not pass along caller ID and name information, and can cut out due to power loss, lightning strikes, and phone line issues.

We help your customers avoid busy signals through “simultaneous call forwarding,” which allows multiple calls to be forwarded at the same time. Plus, we can set up “no answer forwarding” to alert your business and forward calls when an employee forgets to forward a call along.

Call Strategies Service

track and analyze incoming calls for valuable marketing data

With a virtual phone number, we can help you analyze which ads are triggering customer calls and which ads are wasting your money. Call Strategies goes further by building a prospect list from the caller I.D. information of tracked calls. We will also help you determine if your calls are being answered promptly by your sales team, and how many calls are lost after hours.

The Call Strategies Service also allows you to provide great customer service! We will connect your customer with a live representative in the right department without excessive hold time or unnecessary transfers.


Virtual Fax Service

don’t waste money on your own fax machine

Simply use our number as your fax and have all your faxes sent to you via e-mail. Fax store and forward services gives you the ability to receive your faxes and work anywhere you can get e-mail.

Fax Overflow gives you the horsepower of a 2nd fax machine without the expense of another machine or another phone line.

Cell Phone Services

Avoid missing calls due to a bad cellular signal

Unfortunately, cell phones are not very reliable for business purposes. A bad signal, data transfer failures and other issues can result in you losing customers! With the help of our virtual phone system, you won’t have to rely on having a great cellular signal ever again.

Have you ever received a voicemail on your call phone but your phone never rang? This issue happens when cell towers are overloaded and cannot send a call to your cell phone. Unfortunately, the caller hears ringing and therefore assumes you didn’t answer.  In this case, if the caller does not leave a voicemail message, your phone will Not Show MISSED CALL. ( Many people don’t leave a voicemail, which is the only indication that a call has been received). If it’s a potential customer, you would never know that you lost them.

Talk to us about how we can solve issues related to cell phone communication and security!


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