Virtual Office Services

We save you time and money

Our virtual receptionist services are more affordable and effective than what most businesses can do in-house.

Although in-house receptionists are necessary for some businesses, many businesses would benefit from outsourcing this role to an experienced answering service. Our state-of-the-art systems allow us to handle your calls and messages 2-3 times faster than your own personnel.

Our clients save the time it takes to train their own employees on call etiquette, active listening, scheduling, etc and save the extra payroll hours. Plus, they do not need to purchase expensive equipment and phone services.

Don’t interrupt the workflow of your sales team or employees by asking them to diligently watch over the phone. We can handle your incoming calls and messages, and transfer the most important calls to the right people.

We guarantee quality and accuracy

Your after hours call management and daytime communication impacts your overall business. As a result, we record all calls digitally and our data logs allow you to run reports to find a range of information, such as the caller’s phone number, who hung up first, and other useful data. This service has solved many issues, and has even saved one of our clients from a terrible customer lawsuit!

We customize our service package to fit your business

Our Project Manager will assess your needs and budget, and create a solution that fits both. We offer a variety of virtual office services, including the following:

  • 24/7 full-time or part-time live operator answering services
  • Automated-attendant system with live operator back-up
  • Internet appointment scheduling
  • Call routing and transfer services
  • Announcement and voicemail services
  • Virtual fax services (fax to email)

We make your life easier!

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