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Helping people and companies communicate since the 1930s.

Our industry has been helping people and companies communicate since the 1930s, when Lilly Tomlin-like characters — sitting at cord boards — were facilitating after hours communication for everyone from the plumber to the doctor. We’re still doing that today, just with modern technology and computers that are hidden from the customer to make service more personal.

We help you communicate while maintaining the human contact that builds customer loyalty. As companies grow, communication invariably becomes the Achilles’ Heel of efficient operations. The following shows just one of the ways we have helped customers facilitate communication with voice to text technology.

Voice to Text Technology

Using Nuance’s V2T® services, we have developed a system that prompts a user for information and creates a very readable and accurate text record. The user still has the ability to edit the dictation and approve it on a secure online page before it’s entered into the database as a completed record. The information can be viewed within 5 to 10 minutes of dictating.

Since the record is created immediately from a phone call, more accurate and extensive information can be recorded and saved than if the message was typed manually. The information is also available within minutes, making the data useful for solving problems quickly. The database records can even be combined with other data and displayed on a secure website.

Real Life Case Studies


Case Study Intro

Over a year, we have successfully used speech to text services to create medical reports for a hospice facility. We used this experience to fine tune the system in a real life application. The database combined records from multiple parties, including patient, office, nurse, and case manager reports. The combined reports provided a lot of valuable information that may otherwise have been overlooked or forgotten. The cost of service was more than paid for since the service improved accuracy and speed (dictation vs. writing), and reduced trips to the office (including trips to sign documents).


Our test was completed at multiple hospice offices. Overall, the speech to text services improved communication and reduced meeting time, saving $18,000 for 4 offices per month. This was accomplished by reducing the number weekly meetings of 23 paid personnel by 2 hours every week, while also improving patient care. Additionally, since the system was easy to use immediately after a patient visit, reports were more accurate. The speech to text reports contained 3 to 5 times more information than old written reports that were written days or weeks after the patient visit.


Our speech to text system adds accountability, structure and consistency to reporting tasks. Call us for more specific information about how we can provide edited versions of our speech to text database for your company.

Imagine great possibilities with
Speech to Text capabilities:

  • 01

    Create dictated contact notes in a file format that can be merged into CRM systems.

  • 02

    Create medical notes that can be merged into medical records systems.

  • 03

    Dictate work performed and parts used by a service tech and send it to the office for billing.

  • 04

    Dictate repair tickets, items repaired, addresses, trouble codes, etc for tracking maintenance.

  • 05

    Dictate repair tickets, items repaired, addresses, trouble codes, etc for tracking maintenance.

  • 06

    Display a system of patient-dictated clinical notes to improve patient care and save labor.

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