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If a transferred call is not answered, it can be returned to a live operator or sent to voicemail. Calls can even be set to return to the operator after the called party hangs up; this is often used for specialized needs in the medical field and other industries. Backup information of the entire caller ID and messages can be sent to your email.

We meet HIPAA requirements for a 30-day disaster plan

If your organization is covered by HIPAA, we are one of the few call centers in the nation with facilities that can maintain communication in a disaster. We also have the ability to invoke three special emergency priority routing for designated customers to satisfy the 30-day disaster plan requirement, as specified in the “NIST Special Publication 800-66 Appendix F Contingency Planning Guidelines.”

HIPAA secure message delivery system

We ensure that all your messages are delivered securely so that someone cannot hack your email or cellphone and retrieve private information.

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