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Nothing is disaster-proof. That said, we believe we have one of the best facilities in the country.

The building, facilities, and emergency backup capabilities of your call center should be important to you since they affect the reliability of your answering services.

In 2006, after 2 major storms hit St. Louis, we planned and built a new building that is engineered to be usable after a major storm or earthquake.

This building has 2 diverse cable routes, and an isolated, concrete computer equipment room that can continue to operate with remote operator stations if some external event requires building evacuation.

We operate out of our specially designed building, assuring you that we will still have a functional building after most natural disasters. High-rise buildings can and are evacuated because of bomb threats or fires; our new building is built to Essential Facilities Engineering standards.

All call center agents and critical equipment are located below ground level, with all critical equipment in a separate computer room separated from the rest of the building by a concrete wall and fire door.

Our commercial underground power feed is less than 200 feet from the Ameren substation that feeds Barnes-Jewish Hospital West County, providing one of the most reliable sources of power possible. Add to this an auto-start generator that is capable of running all critical equipment and air conditioning or heat for 2 weeks without refueling.

Our uninterruptible power supply with auto-start generator backup provides you with continued reliable power in the event of a power loss. True hospital-grade, double-conversion U.P.S. provides valuable extra protection from surges and power spikes, as the equipment is constantly running off of batteries charged from commercial power.

These batteries act like giant sponges that soak up spikes and surges. A 20-KW generator with a 1000-gallon propane tank are on site to handle seismic or weather events. We have truly worked to minimize the threat outside conditions pose on our services.

As we added Internet-driven features, we realized the need for firewalls, security, and redundant Internet connections to provide true reliability and security.

Although we won’t discuss specifics and understand that no protection is perfect, our systems ran 24/7 through all the worms and viruses that crippled Airline reservation systems, cellular phone wireless messaging, and many other major corporate systems.

The computer room is a separate concrete-reinforced room with a fire-rated, locked steel door. We have two sources of Internet that come into separate ends of the building that can also provide backup phone service.

The AT&T Internet is served from a separate Point of Presence (POP) that is not reliant on downtown St. Louis fiber hotels and is used for essential government facilities.

Our current firewall is continuously upgraded, has been in place since 2001 and has worked when many other major corporations have been compromised. We regularly test our firewall security externally with two different vulnerability scanner packages. Both packages regularly indicate a high level of security against attacks.

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